Weekly Pulse: NWO predicts Russia Ukraine Escalation, Veganuary vs. Reducetarianism, More Port Lockdowns, Orange Prices Spiking and the Latest in Denim Trends

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We are two weeks into 2022 and past the second anniversary of the global pandemic. In this week's pulse, we break down five signals we are seeing in the world across politics, technology, and fashion - we hope you enjoy!

NWO.ai's signal for "Russia Ukraine Conflict" and "Nato" in the context of "Ukraine"

Over the past two months, the impact score for "Russia Ukraine Conflict" has exploded, peaking at a score of 100 and projected to continue to rise into next year. We wrote about the growing border tensions between Russia and Ukraine in December. Since then, tensions have continued to escalate, with Russia massing additional troops and artillery at the border. Moreover, talks between NATO and Russia broke down last week in Brussels and Geneva over Russia’s demand that NATO promise to halt any eastward expansion of the alliance, which NATO and the US firmly rejected. NWO.ai's impact score saw a direct correlation between the "Russia Ukraine Conflict" and NATO conversations relating to Ukraine in early November, both signals breaking out in tandem. According to newly released intelligence, Russia is preparing to create a pretext for an invasion by having undercover operatives in Ukraine conduct "false flag operations."

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