An award winning’s advanced NLP engine continuously transforms billions of unstructured data points into actionable insights.
Here’s what you can expect
Always onWe ingest millions of data points from every major geography daily to ensure you receive the latest data and insights.
Comprehensive, petabyte-scale data analyzes troves of public and proprietary data to capture the true voice of the consumer.
Beautiful AI-generated reportsOur signal searches generate reports in seconds. Answer the what, why, where and who behind any term. forensic analysis shows the underlying factors to help you understand why a signal is growing or declining.
Insights that matter
Key Features
feature-iconPredictive AnalyticsLeverage our unmatched 12-month forecast of consumer interest to stay ahead of the competition.
feature-iconAdvanced Sentiment AnalysisSource-specific consumer sentiment analysis providing context and point-in-time summaries.
feature-iconNarrative BreakdownUnderstand which channels are driving topic engagement.
feature-iconLocation-Specific InsightsUnderstand the country-specific nuances and levels of consumer interest.
feature-iconTopic ClusteringDiscover the biggest topics and themes for a given topic.
feature-iconMicrotrendsDiscover the growth drivers and detractors behind any trend. Spot emerging microtrends surrounding a topic of interest through parallel consumer conversations.
feature-iconImpact ScoreA proprietary metric measuring consumer interest over time.
feature-iconCompare and ContrastAnalyze hundreds of trends across markets in the span of minutes. Customize trend portfolios for continuous monitoring of signals in real time.
feature-iconScientific InsightsLeverage our rich scientific dataset to look beyond the now and see what areas are seeing the most investment.
Technology showcase
Your best source of truth for global narrative’s signals quantify the narrative around 100M+ topics, automatically updating themselves as the world evolves. Inflection point alerts are triggered when a momentous shift across data sources is detected for your a specific area of interest.
Discover new exponential ideas ahead of's core engine regularly scans the horizon for new ideas without you having to search for them. Our dashboards alert you to signals that are primed for exponential growth. Providing unprecedented macro and micro views on a broad set of categories — fashion, skin, F&B, consumer health, and more.
Contextually connect the dots.Our аdvanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) models read massive quantities of unstructured text around a topic to gain deep contextual understanding. Multiple conversations can surround a topic, which is why we map our breakout microtrends by theme. Giving you a nuanced approach to understanding topic conversations.
Find correlations and predict business’s powerful comparison feature allows you to compare several signals and correlate them to internal and external data - from financial assets (stocks, crypto) to internal company data (ad spend, product sales, revenue, etc.).