Technology’s advanced NLP engine continuously transforms petabytes of unstructured narrative data into intuitive, visual metrics that anyone can understand and leverage.
93 million trends quantified and indexed
Queries can be phrased in plain speech, as if posed to a human expert. We’ve examined the context surrounding millions of topics to deliver deep, actionable signals in under a minute.
Beautiful Machine-Generated Summaries
Within seconds of performing a search, generates a Signal Report on the topic in question to answer the what, where, when, who, and why behind the search. These reports serve as a one-stop shop for clients to identify, leverage, and perform forensic analysis on trends, providing a deeper understanding of the underlying factors driving their growth or decline.
Comprehensive, petabyte-scale external data coverage analyzes massive troves of public and proprietary data sources to capture the voice of the consumer — from search engines, online media, scientific literature, ecommerce platforms, TV stations and even data secured through partnerships.’s algorithms layer-in these sources in near real-time to understand which of them would be the strongest contributors to the growth or decline of a trend on any given day.
Key Strengths
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    The NWO dataset includes over 4 billion digital conversations capturing consumer voices*, 340 million news records and other content spanning 65 languages, and accesses over 40 petabytes of news and information dating back to 2006.
    *currently growing at a rate of ~4 Billion additional data points per month
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    Always On
    Our dataset updates in real time, allowing us to continuously update and improve reports.
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    Average trend report generation time is 45 seconds. Other AI-powered sentiment platforms take hours to days.
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    Predictive Notifications
    Alerts are generated ahead of a potential inflection point of a Signal, tipping you off to something before it happens.
  • 5/5
    The interface is designed for ease of collaboration among members of an organization across different departments.
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Your single source of truth about global shifts.’s signals quantify the narrative around 93M topics, automatically updating themselves as the world evolves. Inflection points warnings are triggered when a momentous shift across data sources is detected for a specific area of interest.
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Discover new exponential ideas ahead of time.’s core engine regularly scans the horizon for new ideas that have the most significant potential of breaking out without you searching for them. Rich dashboards provide unprecedented macro and micro views on a broad set of categories - fashion, skincare, food and drinks, crypto, and even the metaverse.
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Connect the dots - contextually.

Advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) read massive quantities of unstructured text around a topic to gain deep contextual understanding.’s interface maps out key microtrends that are breaking out segmented by themes, made available in the form of a beautiful and easy-to-use visual tool.
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Find correlations and predict business outcomes.’s powerful comparison tool allows you to compare several signals and even correlate them to internal and external data - from financial assets (stocks, crypto, metaverse) to internal company data (supply chain, revenue, etc.).